Male Facial


$100 + Taxes (13%)

Our Men’s Facial treatment is meticulously designed with the unique characteristics of male skin in mind, significantly influenced by testosterone. This hormone not only thickens the skin but also causes pores to dilate, making it more susceptible to contamination and impurity buildup. Our approach focuses on softening and revitalizing the skin, closing pores for a cleaner, more refined appearance.

We offer two exclusive variants to address these needs:

Peppermint with Yogurt Facial:

Combining the refreshing properties of peppermint with the nourishing and soothing qualities of yogurt, this treatment not only closes pores and fights aging but also restructures the skin, leaving it soft and rejuvenated.

Cucumber with Yogurt Facial:

Cucumber, known for its hydrating and calming effects, pairs with yogurt to provide a treatment that soothes and renews the skin, closing pores and offering an unparalleled sense of freshness.

Each 60-minute session is a comprehensive care experience that includes:

  • A facial massage, which not only improves circulation but also promotes relaxation.
  • Neck and shoulder massage, to relieve tension accumulated in these areas.
  • Scalp massage, promoting well-being and calm.
  • Application of hot towels, to open the pores before treatment and maximize nutrient absorption.

This treatment is ideal for those looking for a daily stress escape, offering a perfect solution for skin affected by pollution and sun exposure. It’s an investment in well-being and appearance, ensuring healthier, firmer skin with improved texture.

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