Spa Day


There is no better way…

Indulge your soul and treat your body to a day at the spa in the comforts of your home.Spa parties are a wonderful way to relax, be pampered, and bond with your friends and family. Perfect for couples, honeymoons, retreats, bachelorette parties or just part of the fun between a group of friends.

“We work with our soul, and the intention of healing”

Our work is our passion and we welcome the opportunity to serve you with open arms.The therapies and treatments we focus on are based in continuous study and years of refined practice as therapists.During treatments, our highly-qualified team works closely with the client, looking for their specific needs and providing nutrition to the body, mind, and spirit.

From the earth…

The products we manufacture are made from scratch and are an essential part of the work we do. Therefore, we only use pure base oils with high quality properties for the manufacture of different blends and artisan organic creams.

We incorporate oils such as almond, olive, golden jojoba, castor, grape seed, shea, rice, sweet-brier, wheat, and organic coconut produced in the area, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils and large amounts aloe vera.

Charged with high vibration, our exquisite blends provide regenerative, detoxifying, and cleansing therapeutic properties, cultivating on the body the perfect balance for wellness, health, and beauty.

Menu options 

Prior to their treatments, we invite our customers to taste and toast with our team, enjoying the following options:

standard option spa day manuel antonio

Standard option

vegan option spa day manuel antonio

Vegan menu

spanish platter spa day manuel antonio

Spanish Platter


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