Holistic Facials

The physical part is linked with the mental and emotional part, and everything is a whole because healing comes from within.
Our holistic facials are about seeking the balance between inside and outside through the harmony that nature brings.
Its more than just a facial… this therapy will make you feel beautiful inside and out working at the deeper levels of the body, mind, and spirit.
The most notable benefits of our facials are the feeling of relaxation and total serenity.
Using specific techniques, including Facial Reflexology and Aromatherapy, our facials balance the energy of the mind and body.
Our facials release facial tension, headaches, mental stress, and tight muscles around the face. Furthermore, they stimulate pressure points connected to vital organs.
All of our facial treatments include neck and face massage, hand and shoulder massage, scalp massage, and hot towels. Each facial blend can contain different types of clays, aloe vera, essential oils, vegetable milk, bee honey, cane honey or agave (vegan option), yogurt or vegan yogurt, colloids, grape seed oil, organic rice flour, whole-grain oats, seeds, and herbs.

In case of any allergies please let us know in advance.

No extractions are made, no ozone vapor is used for being outdoors, instead, we use other techniques with hot towels. (If you prefer ozone vapor, please let us know and we can find a suitable area of the house to offer this option.)

To reserve the facials, you must send us the following information in advance:



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